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Here are some fine sites on the World Wide Web with information about trees:

The International Society of Arboriculture has a nicely designed and useful site.
The Forestry site of the World-Wide-Web's Virtual Library.
Arboriculture: Trees and Timber is full of interesting arboricultural information.
Oregon's Department of Forestry has some informative pages.
The WVU Tree Fruit Research and Education Center.
The Appalachian Hardwood Center provides technical and research support for the West Virginia wood products industry.
Tree Web: The Natural History of Trees at the University of Kentucky, Lexington.
UAH's Grounds Home Page, with descriptions and images of over 200 tree species.
TreeLink. The community forestry resource. Sponsored by The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council, The USDA Forest Service and TreeUtah®.

There are some very informative Forest Pathology Web Sites, also:

Jim Worrall's Forest Pathology Pages are highly educational.
Tom Volk's (Univ. Wisconsin - La Crosse) home page is a fine site for forest fungi and other fungal adventures.
Dr. Livingston's Forest Pathology course at U. Maine.
The Forest Service's Forest Health Protection page.
The Texas Plant Disease Handbook has descriptions and management recommendations for many kinds of trees.

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