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Maryblyt 7.1  



Welcome to the Maryblyt v.7.1 for Windows Download page. This validated fire blight forecasting software is offered free of charge to growers, county agents, extension specialists, private consultants, and researchers. The software is offered without support (we will not be answering questions on software installation issues or program mechanics); however, comments and suggestions for improvement are welcomed. If comments and other helpful suggestions are received, we'll create a web page here for those (Maryblyt frequently-asked-questions) or try to address them on this page. Please don't wait until blossoms are open in the Spring to figure out how to use the software. Please read the disclaimer below.

What's new in Maryblyt 7.1? Maryblyt™ 7.1 incorporates several cosmetic and functional changes, including: capability to run in international units, a spray effectiveness module that allows users to enter a spray efficacy threshold to account for treatments that are less than 100% effective (default value set to 100%), the ability to turn on and off the effect that spraying antibiotic has on EIP and subsequent blossom blight symptoms (BBS) so that users can track symptom development as if they had not sprayed so that BBS can be monitored more effectively and spray effectiveness can be evaluated, and, finally, we've re-established the audible warning to alert users when an infection event has occurred and provided a switch to turn it on and off.

Disclaimer for use of Maryblyt 7.1 for Windows
West Virginia University, The University of Maryland, the USDA, and the software authors provide the software as a service. There are no warranties, express or implied, and, as with any disease prediction model, users should be aware that disease may occur even when the software is used properly. This software is easy to use and is therefore offered to users without support. By downloading the software, users agree to not hold responsible the above institutions and individuals for any losses associated with its use.

Procedure for downloading and installing Maryblyt 7.1 for Windows
In your browser, click on this link and save to the folder where you would normally collect your downloaded files.

After the dowload is complete, to Unzip the file, go to your Download Folder. Right-click on the zip file and select "Extract files..." and click "OK" - this will create a new folder containing the installation items. There are different ways to do this. For example, you could double-click on the file and it should extract normally.

Open the new folder and run the setup.exe program.

Notes on dowload issues: Mail servers running Outlook may not be able to come directly to this page by clicking on the embedded link. If this is a problem, you will need to cut and paste the URL into an open browser window.

Notes on Installation issues: Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. On computers still running XP, you may be asked during Maryblyt 7.1 installation to install Microsoft .Net Framework (More about .Net Framework here: - this is required for the Maryblyt program to run. Windows Vista computers usually have .Net Framework installed already. Windows XP computers might want to go here first and install .Net Framework prior to installing Maryblyt 7.

Notes on program issues: On the first screen, clicking "View User Manual" may give an error message on some computers. In this case, open the user manual from Start/All Programs/Maryblyt Version 7/. This issue is fixed in Version 7.1.

NEW! (June 17, 2014) - We now have a Manual that provides a more thorough description of how the program works. Download it here: Maryblyt 7.1 Manual (updated 6/17/2014). Note this is the same manual that is packaged with Version 7.1, so you don't need to download it if you're running the latest version. Look here ocassionally for updates to the manual.

Useful links
Fire blight Fact Sheets:

  • Fire blight "fact sheets" for apple and pear from the Mid-Atlantic Orchard Monitoring Guide (West Virginia University)
  • Fire blight "fact sheet" from Cornell University
  • Fire blight "fact sheet" from Penn State University
  • Fire blight "fact sheet" from Michigan State University

Model Validations
A Statistical Comparison of the Blossom Blight Forecasts of MARYBLYT and Cougarblight with Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Analysis. 2007. M. M. Dewdney, A. R. Biggs, and W. W. Turechek. Phytopathology 97:1164-1176.

Analysis of fire blight shoot infection epidemics on four apple cultivars. 2008. Biggs, A.R., Turechek, W. W., and Gottwald, T. R. Plant Disease 92:1349-1356.

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See also:

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Presentations on Fire Blight Management by Paul Steiner, author of Maryblyt:

Acknowledgements: Improvements to Maryblyt 4.3c made in part with grant funds awarded to W. Turechek and A. R. Biggs by USDA-CSREES/NE-IPM Program for projects entitled "Reduced antibiotic use on apple with improved Maryblyt forecasting" and "Using Maryblyt to manage economic risks of fire blight."