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Edward B. Rayburn, Extension Specialist

The following Web sites have useful forage-livestock system information. When using information from other areas remember that differences in climate, soil, and markets may affect how the information applies to your area. Forage management technology is characteristic of the information age. Knowing what to do and when to do it is the key.

Forage Identification Slide Series
Purdue Forage Information - Forage ID

Forage Sites

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service
Cornell University
Forage Systems Research Center - Missouri
Forages - VPI
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources - University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Livestock - VPI
Ohio Forage Network - OSU
Oregon State University
Plant Materials Program (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
Pennsylvania State University Alpha-Beta
Sustainable Farming Connection - Index
Sustainable Farming Connection - The Forgey Files
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University Information Resources

Selected Fact Sheets From Other University Sites

Forage Production

Penn State Agronomy Guide-2005-2006 - PSU
2000 Virginia Tech Agronomy Handbook - VPI
Amazing Graze - OSU
Establishing and Managing Caucasian Bluestem - VPI
Forage Variety Trials
Pennsylvania's Forage Variety Trial Reports - PSU
Purdue Forage Information - Variety Trials
University of Kentucky Department of Agronomy
Machinery Custom Rates - NASS
Managing Virginia's Steep Pastures - VPI
Multiflora Rose Control - OSU
Pasture and Forage Management for South Carolina - Clemson
Planting and Managing Switchgrass for Forage, Wildlife, and
Conservation - VPI
Purdue Forage Information - Publications
The Tall Fescue Endophyte Story - Clemson
Tiller Dynamics - DRAFT - Clemson
Topics: Species - PSU
Winter Annuals For Grazing - Mississippi State
Weed ID - VPI

 Forage Utilization

Controlled Grazing of Virginia's Pastures - VPI
Forage Quality - Clemson
Grazing Alfalfa Successfully - Sustainable Farming Connection
Hay as a Part of a Cowherd Production System - VPI
Pasture Management Bulletin. - New York, Darrell Emmick

 Animal Production

Breeds of Livestock - Oklahoma State
Broodmares Grazing Tall Fescue Pastures or Fed Tall Fescue
Hay Require Careful Management and Close Observation -

Nutrient Requirements and Balancing Rations for Horses - VPI
Updated Nutrient Specifications for the Dairy Herd - VPI


Beef Marketing & Economics - VPI

 Commercial Sites

Forage Production

Ampac Seed Company (a privately held corporation of the State
of Oregon)

 Forage Utilization

        The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. - Agricultural Division

 Animal Production

American Angus Association
American Hereford Association
American Simmental Association
Morgan Research Group, Ltd.
World Dairy Expo


Internet Hay Exchange (with links to other agriculture Web sites)
Livestock and hay marketing.
Morgan research group (hay prices)
WisLINK Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
World Dairy Expo


            Next Year Country - Beef-mag.com - July 2005
            North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective - National Climatic Data Center

 Other Commercial

@griculture online http://www.agriculture.com
Jim Kendrick's Bookmarks
Voice of Agriculture - American Farm Bureau

 Farmer-to-Farmer Web Sites

The Owenlea Intensive Grazing Page - F.W. Owean


House Agriculture Committee
National Academy Press
Pasture Water Systems - Canada

 Sustainable Agriculture

ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas)


The Weather Channel
he Weather Underground


Australian Agriculture Online
WWW-Server for Ecological Modelling

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