List of Fish Species   Fall 2002

note: 5 new species designated with an * 

Class: Agnatha

      Order: Petromyzontiformes

            Family: Petromyzontidae

                  Sea Lamprey

                  Least Brook Lamprey

Class: Osteichthyes

      Order: Acipenseriformes

            Family: Acipenseridae

                  Lake Sturgeon photo photo2

            Family: Polyodontidae

                  Paddlefish photo photo2

      Order: Lepisosteiformes

            Family: Lepisosteidae

                  Longnose Gar photo photo2


   Order:  Amiiformes


      Family Amiidae


                        *Bowfin    photo more information

      Order: Anguilliformes

            Family: Anguillidae

                  American Eel photo photo2

      Order: Salmoniformes

            Family: Salmonidae

                  Rainbow Trout    photo photo

                  Brook Trout   photo

                  Brown Trout  photo

                  Lake Trout    photo

      Order: Siluriformes

            Family: Ictaluridae    more family info

                  Yellow Bullhead

                  Channel Catfish photo cool photo another cool photo

                  Blue Catfish

                  Stonecat    more info

                  Margined Madtom

                  Brindled Madtom

                  Flathead Catfish    WV photo  large large2

      Order: Esociformes

            Family: Esocidae

                  Chain Pickerel photo

                  Northern Pike photo photo

                  Muskellunge    photo photo

      Order: Cypriniformes

            Family: Cyprinidae

                  Central Stoneroller    photo

                  Common Carp

                  Bluntnose Minnow photo

                  Rosyside Dace photo

                  Mountain Redbelly Dace

                  Blacknose Dace photo

            Family: Catostomidae

                  Northern Hogsucker

                  White Sucker    photo

      Order: Percopsiformes

            Family: Percopsidae

                  Trout-perch photo

      Order: Atheriniformes

            Family: Fundulidae

                  Banded Killifish   photo

      Order: Perciformes

            Family: Percichthyidae

                  Striped Bass

            Family: Centrarchidae more info

                  Redbreast Sunfish

                  Longear Sunfish    spawning photo

                  Green Sunfish    photo photo

                  Pumpkinseed    photo

                  Warmouth    photo

                  Bluegill    photo

                  Smallmouth Bass   photo

                  Largemouth Bass Photo

                  Spotted Bass    photo

                  Black Crappie    photo

                  *White crappie    photo    comparison

              Family: Percidae

                  Johnny Darter    photo

                  *Greenside Darter  photo  photo

                  Fantail Darter    photo

                  Logperch    photo

                  Sauger    photo

                  Walleye    photo  

                  *Yellow Perch  photo photo


        Family: Sciaenidae


                                *Freshwater Drum    photo

      Order: Scorpaeniformes

            Family: Cottidae

                  Mottled Sculpin